These Tweets will Make You Belly Laugh. They’re almost embarrassing

Tweet, Tweet, Whose There?

Some really funny Tweets that will tickle your Twitter-loving fancy!

There are millions of Tweets posted each and everyday. Some are serious, some are seriously funny and some Tweets are downright socially unacceptable. So in the worldwide social media web of anything goes, the Twitter stands out as one of the most popular to let your freedom of speech ring, or tweet, and retweet.

So let’s #LOL in 280 characters or less and take a look at some of the funniest tweets @Twitterverse has seen.

1. About Hunger Pains and Stairs:

@Dawn obviously has some body and balance issues! Pick yourself up, @Dawn and brush yourself off. The kitchen is only a few steps away

2. About A Punchline:

From the sounds of things, @Josh is a lover, not a fighter and prefers keeping his hands to himself. Way to go for keeping it real!

3. About How A Billboard Got Its Name:

This chuckler could have been an actual brainstorming session back in the pre-tweet days. Nice job @internetHippo for clearing this age-old mystery up for us!


4. About Dating And Punctuation:

Seems like Aparna is looking for love in all the wrong places. Dating sites are much more to the exclamation point!


5. About Playing In the Shark Tank:

Seems that good old adventurous Wylde should use his own common shark sense and let the shark handler go first. If he comes back with his hand, well then that would be something to re-tweet about!