2019 Greatest Hotels Across The World

Hotels are often just a place to rest your head while on vacation, but what if the hotel was the destination? These hotels are unique, exciting, and one of a kind and certainly different enough to be an attraction all on their own. Take a trip to visit some of the most out there, the most diverse, and the unique hotels in the world.

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

This is the igloo hotel that you have seen all over the internet. This hotel features small, glass igloos that are open to the sky and allow you to see the beautiful landscape around you.


Surrounded by the snowy mountains and forest trees, this is a fantastic winter wonderland for those staying in the hotel. For those that love the snow and love nature, this is a perfect getaway.

2. Ayada Maldives

This is a private island resort that offers private bungalows for guests. This hotel is unique, spas, tropical gardens, and even butlers.

ayada maldives

They also provide private bungalows that are on stilts over the lagoon for an added level of comfort and beauty.

3. Constance Prince Maurice, Mauritius

This is a fantastic get away for those that want something truly different and truly luxurious. This is a fantastic romantic getaway that is built on stilts.


They have beachside villas for families and a children’s club for those that do bring their kids with them to the resort. On top of all that, they also have a golf course.

4. Tubohotel, Mexico

This super creative hotel features rooms that are made of, you guessed it, huge tubes. Each room is small and private and does feature a curtain so you can have some privacy.


The tubes are stacked in groups of three with ladders leading to the upper tube. This is a great and creative way to stay and it does reduce your footprint significantly.

5. Kingston Treehouse, Lion Sands, Africa

This is a stunning tree house hotel that is deep in the middle of Africa. This is a stunning hotel that is going to make you a true lover of nature.

krugernationalpark org

This hotel is situated up on a platform where you can see the true splendor of nature unfolding around you.

6. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

If you love fish, you love the ocean, and you want to feel like you are sleeping among the fishes, this is the hotel for you. This hotel is surrounded by ocean and you can see dolphins, manta rays, sharks and more all while sleeping and enjoying your night in the ocean.

conradmaldives com

This underwater room is on the resort so you have access to things like a pool, restaurants and more.

7. Mirrocube Treehouse Hotel, Sweden

This hotel is made entirely of mirrors and is suspended over the forest floor. The cube is in the middle of the trees and is a beautiful treehouse that is nearly invisible among the trees with the mirrored surface.


If you want something that is very different, this may be the perfect getaway for you that you will never forget.

8. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

If you have ever wanted to spend the night in a mine, this is your chance. This hotel is 155 meters below the surface of the earth and is a great chance to stay somewhere that is truly unique and truly out of this world.


It is dark and romantic and looks like something out of a gothic novel. Think phantom of the opera meets an incredibly gauche hotel.

9. Glass Floor Udang House,Bali, Indonesia

This hotel has a glass floor that is open to the water below where you can watch the fish swim beneath your feet. The floor is lit with beautiful blue lights so you can spend the night feeling like you are under the sea in a magical kingdom under the water.

Bambu Indah Hotel

This is a stunning hotel that is going to make you feel like you are a kid again, the room I rustic and cozy and perfect for anyone that wants something truly different.

10. Floating Hotel in Zanzibar

This hotel is a floating part of the Manta Resort in Zanzibar. This little hotel has a bedroom that is entirely in water so that you can feel like you are floating under the water while you sleep.

the manta resort

This little hotel also features a place to relax on the roof and crystal clear water that you can swim around the bottom of the hotel. This is a fantastic way to spend your vacation and is beautiful.

11. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

You love animals and nature;. This is an excellent place to go. This hotel has large open windows and is in the middle of a wildlife reserve where you can see giraffes right up close. The giraffes can lean right in through the windows and interact with the guests.

Giraffe Manor

This is a stunning hotel that has large suites and where you can wake up every day to giraffes leaning in and looking at you through the windows.

12. Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey

This hotel is made right out of the rocks. It seems like a series of fairy chimneys that have been dug right out of the hill and cliff sides. This hotel has grand rooms, a beautiful garden, and a stunning view that can genuinely put anyone in awe.

Fairy Hotel

This is a hotel that looks beautiful during the day, but that looks like it is part of another world during the night. This hotel is at once rustic and chic

13. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

This hotel is old and looks like a volcano in shape. The hotel is hidden deep in the forest and is beautiful. You have to cross over a swinging rope bridge to get to the hotel, but the trek is well worth the walk.

Montana Magica Lodge

This is a beautiful hotel, and that is going to leave you in awe. This is a hotel that is going to be fair, and that will put you right in the middle of the jungle.

14. Ascher Cliff, Switzerland

This is a Cliffside hotel that is built right into the side of a mountain. This hotel is over 170 years old and is perfect for those that like a bit of adventure and that want to be able to see the mountains and the stunning landscape first hand.

Ascher Cliff

This is a fantastic hotel for those that want something different, and that want a hotel that has a bit of excitement built right in.

15. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

These tiny pod-like hotel rooms are made to let you enjoy the nature around you. These are small but beautiful and do have accommodation for a couple of people.


They are spherical, which is part of the appeal, and they have large windows so that you can open them and look out into nature and to the forest that is around you. Some spheres are suspended above the forest floor while others are planted on the ground.

16. Attrap Reves Hotel, France

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a bubble? If you answered yes, this is the hotel for you. This hotel features small bubble igloos that are perfect for those that want to be able to sleep beneath the stars, the snow, the rain and more.

Attrap Reves Hotel, France

This is a stunning hotel that is perfect for the nature lover in you and the adventurer alike.

17. Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Sweden

These little hotels are built out of dirt, rocks, and found materials and are perfect for those that want to be right in the middle of nature.

Kolarbyn Eco-lodge:

This is a great hotel where you can sleep, you can feel like you are part of the earth, and you can also reduce your footprint but still get away for a bit. These almost resemble berm houses or the hobbit houses from the shire.

18. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

This hotel is made entirely out of snow and ice. For those that want to feel like they are a part of the movie Frozen, this is a stunning hotel that is going to push the boundaries of what you expect and what you want from a hotel.

ice hotel

This is a beautiful testament to the creativity of people and to what can be created directly out of nature. Even though this hotel is in the middle of a town that has less than 10,000 people, nearly 50,000 travel there each year to stay in this hotel.

19. Chalkley Treehouse, Lion Sands, South Africa

This is an open-air platform treehouse that is right in the middle of the expansive resort. It is stunning and allows you the chance to see the sunrise, sunset and so much more.

instagram/ lionsandsgamereserve

This is a beautiful hotel that is going to be nothing like any hotel that you have ever stayed in before. It is best for adults as it is open air and there is no way to secure a child and keep them from wandering off.

20. Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, Australia

This hotel is built right on the ocean and is a beautiful place to stay. You can see the ocean, the beaches, and all the other lovely landscape from the comfort of a hotel that has large picture windows so that you can peer out at the landscape.

instagram/ southernoceanlodge

The hotel is very beautiful and has plenty of modern flare when it comes to the overall structure and design.

21. Crazy House, Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

This hotel is just what you might imagine it to be. It is crazy, unique, and each room has a different theme and different decorations that make it truly unique and truly out there.

flickr. mrandmrsbackpacker

This is a hotel you would want to stay in if you wanted something very out there and impossibly memorable. This hotel looks like it came right out of a Tim Burton movie and like it is not possibly part of real life.

22. V8 Hotel, Stuttgart

This hotel is something out of a comic book. It is a hotel that is devoted entirely to classic cars with best that are made out of car frames, car themed rooms, and so much more.


This is a stunning hotel that is going to be perfect for the car lover in you or in the people that you are traveling with. This is a great hotel for adults and kids alike.

23. The Nantucket Hotel and Resort, Massachusetts

If you love New England and old New England style, this is the perfect stop for you. the Cape Cod design of the hotel looks like it came right out of the pages of a high society magazine.


It is close to the beach, offers access to downtown Nantucket, and they also offer suites that are from one to four bedrooms total.

24. Zaan Inn Hotel, Netherlands

This hotel looks like a gingerbread house come to life. It is colorful, artfully constructed, and fantastic. This hotel is large so there is plenty of room and you can find tons of great places to stay.


This hotel is one that you will remember forever. This inn is colorful and beautiful and a perfect place to stop if you are in the Netherlands.

25. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

This hotel is dog shaped and dog themed. It is shaped like a large beagle and does have rooms that are decorated with pictures and other dog paraphernalia.


This is a great hotel for those that have kids or that just love kitschy decorations that are very middle America.

26. The Batcave, Taiwan

This hotel is batman themed. This is a fantastic hotel for those that have a flair for the dramatic and that love the superhero. This hotel features rooms that are richly decorated and that have stunning batman extras and touches here and there.


This is a stunning hotel that is perfect for anyone that loves Batman or that wants to stay somewhere that is truly unique and amazing.

27. Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

This is a themed hotel that is going to be perfect for anyone that wants something truly magical and truly special.

This is a great hotel for families and kids as well as the rooms are brightly colored, each has a different theme, and each is great for those that want something a bit different for their travels.

28. French Quarter Inn, Charleston, South Carolina

If you love the old world style of the French Quarter in Louisiana, this is a great alternative to going to Louisiana. The room is each tastefully and professionally done, and you are welcomed with a champagne toast.

instagram/ fqicharlestonsc

The bathrooms are Italian marble, and you get to see all of the best of the historic district of Charlestown.

29. Martin’s Paterschof Church Hotel, Mechelen, Belgium

This hotel is in a remodeled church. The main sanctuary is a dining room, the upper rooms have been converted to bedrooms, and you can sleep among the stained glass windows.


This is a fantastic place to stay if you love history, you love things that are handcrafted and old, and you want something stunning and magical.

30. Harry Potter Hotel, London

You love Harry Potter, a stay at this hotel is a must. The rooms are designed to look just like the dormitories at Hogwarts and are designed for each different house.

Georgian House Hotel

They have small touches that are unique to each room, and that will make any Hogwarts or Harry Potter fan positively bubble with excitement. For those that want something different, something that relates to their favorite novel, this is the hotel for you.