Spectacular Eyewear Trends That Will Make You Look Twice

The Eyes Have It! Seeing is believing with today’s eyewear and it’s easy than ever to find the perfect pair of glasses to accessorize your on trend look. Glasses are so hot, that even those who have 20/20 vision are sporting the four eyes look. You see, there is a spectacular variety of stylish designs on today’s market so there is a pair or two or three for every set of peepers out there. Here are four eyewear trends that will have you asking, “Jeepers Creepers Where’d Ya Get Those Peepers?”

1.  A Thinner Rim Is In:  A thinner. lighter frame is the direction that eyewear is taking into 2018 and beyond. Everyone is eyeing this retro 90’s vibe which is less distracting than the heavier oversized frames of the past few years. And a bonus is they are more comfortable to wear too.

2.  Everyday Elevated Classics:  Today’s classic eyewear elevates any look for any occasion. Classic, traditional shapes are always in style but this year fashion forward guys and gals are framing their faces with colorful, uniquely shaped glasses. Whether they are round, square or even rectangular, interestingly shaped eyewear is in full view.

3.  Very Vintage Peepers: Everyone is taking a second look at this trend. It’s a tribute to Hollywood glamour and a hint of the past as vintage inspired frames are right in, right now. Think cat eye, round, square shapes that are elevated with silver, gold and other adornments.

4.  The Bigger The Better:  This eye-catching look is trending in a big way. Oversized frames are over the top in style and versatility. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a gal. Everyone can pull off this “look at me” unisex eyewear style with confidence. You’ll see.