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President Trump’s Body Language


This woDonald Trump is always full of surprises. This real estate mogul turned celebrity turned politician always has something up his sleeve or at least his body language looks like he does. He is one of those personalities that uses his entire body to communicate a message. From the tippy top of his bleached comb over to the bottom of his custom-made wing tips, his moves are some of the most talked about in the entire world.rld leader has some outrageous and unique ways to get his message out and much of it is said without saying one word.

Let’s take a deeper look at the most surprising things Trump’s body language reveals about him

16. Trump’s Ego Is Larger Than Life:

Donald Trump’s body language is proof that he is extremely confident. His Twitter account isn’t the only place he shares his opinion, it’s usually right on his sun-kissed face. But it is how he speaks with his hands that raises the bar on his ego and raises the eyebrows of his critics.


According to body language experts, people who raise both arms with palms up have an elevated opinion of what they are saying.

He’s almost saying, look out people, I mean business.

15. Here’s Some Fist For Thought:

Make America Great Again is the mantra our 45th President of the United States touts at all his speaking engagements.


To get his point across even more he raises a clenched fist, a symbol of strength, solidarity, unity and support. Keep raising your fist, President and keep saluting our beautiful red, white and blue! Just be careful not to punch someone in the process.

14. Passionate and Inspired:

The Donald, as his first wife (he’s been married three times) used to call him, is extremely passionate about his beliefs. Whether he’s talking about building his infamous wall, strengthening our country’s economy or his stand on policy changes, his hands are constantly moving.


Body language experts explain that when people make continual gestures like pointing, two thumbs up or waving fists in the air, it shows how deeply committed they are about the topic. If this is true, then Trump has enough passion to fill the entire White House five times!

13. Donald J. Trump Loves The Spotlight:

You don’t get to where Donald Trump is today unless you embrace being the center of attention. From an early age when he was working side by side with his father, to becoming a real estate tycoon and even before Trump Towers kingdom was built, he was interviewed and photographed multiple times. Even early on in his career he was photographed with some of the most famous celebrities of all time and made cameo appearances in television shows and movies.


He also married a Hollywood actress and now, a super model! Then moving on, he wrote a best-selling book series (about, guess who?) created and starred in Celebrity Apprentice television series, and designed The Donald J. Trump men’s clothing collection. Now, he’s in the biggest spotlight ever, leading the free world. The man loves attention everywhere he goes.

12. Donald And The Peace Sign:

Even though he is always rocking the boat with someone, whether it’s the Democrats or even colleagues in his own Republican party he constantly uses the peace sign, making a V with his index and middle fingers.


This is a hand gesture started years ago to symbolize peace and kindness. It also symbolizes victory, which might be better suited for Trump, a man who loves to win.

11. The Trump Slice:

Did you ever notice that Trump makes many slicing gestures when he is speaking about something that he feels needs to be done right away? This is a deliberate, nonverbal sign to create fear. He is driving home that we must do something about this right now or bad things will happen.


He usually follows his slicing by explaining a solution. First, he slows down his speaking speed and second, lowers his volume, all nonverbal tactics to engage the audience.

10. Trump’s Pinch Gesture:

One of President Trump’s most famous nonverbal cues that is common in many of his soap box speeches is his pinch gesture, where he touches the index finger and thumb of both hands together. He usually uses the pinch when he is trying to make his point loud and clear.


Experts say this is a nonverbal move that people use to show they are precise and certain what they are saying is exactly right.

9. Trump’s Pursed Lips:

It’s true that Donald Trump has many facial expressions. One of the most common is the alpha face when he narrows his eyes, lowers his eyebrows and firmly closing his lips together. Then, his pursed lips are usually followed by a deep breath and pause.


This is an expression of dominance that he regularly uses it to regain the power in a situation. It happens anytime anyone disagrees with him or asks him a question that annoys him, or he doesn’t want to answer.

8. Trump’s Lack Of Anger Management:

When President Trump gets angry, he gets really angry, sometimes almost furious and there is no holding back. This typically happens when he is challenged and usually results in a big, two year old style temper tantrum.


These nonprofessional public outbursts must be embarrassing to his family and supporters, but not to Trump. These over the top scenes, according to psychologists, reinforce his larger than life powerful status, ego and entitlement.

7. Say Cheese, Mr. President:

It’s not very often when you see Donald Trump relaxed and comfortable. It’s usually when he is enjoying the company of family and friends. These are situations when he can let his comb-over hair down, turn off the confrontational stance and not have to show dominance.


Unlike his usual closed off body language, when he smiles his eyes light up, his whole face relaxes, and he beams with happiness.

6. The Front Of The Line:

Donald Trump likes to take the lead in every situation. He usually walks at the head of the line, is the first to exit a vehicle, Airforce One and ususally is photographed walking ahead of his wife. They say clothes make the man, and in his case what he wears matches his personality and leadership style.


A tailored black suit, crisp white shirt and bright red tie are not only presidential but match his front of the line personality and confident attitude.

5.  Donald Trump’s Better Half:

It’s no secret that First Lady, Milania Trump doesn’t always agree with her presidential better half. Just as in every marriage things change through the years and it’s no different with this power couple. Before Trump became the leader of the free world, his wife, Milania and son, Barron were not in the spotlight as much as they are now.


Trump knew he had a very beautiful, smart, loving wife and showed his affection in public. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Trump stand far away from one another, don’t walk side by side and show little to no affection. Is there trouble in Trump Tower presidential paradise?

4.  Puckered Up Chin:

One of the comedians favorite facial expressions of Donald Trump is the puckered up chin. He usually performs this beauty when he is threatened, annoyed or has lost control of the crowd.


Body language experts explain that a puckered chin is part of blended facial expressions meaning that multiple looks and gestures are combines to try to regain power or control of the situation.

3. Charismatic Mannerisms:

Like him or not, one thing is for sure about Donald Trump. He is charming and charismatic and owns any crowd. He lights up a room and people are drawn to his bigger than life personality.

Trump Kim Kardashian

He’s known to those closest to him as a wonderful listener and committed friend, both positively presidential traits.

2.  Exaggerated Mouth Movements:

Trump has some very interesting and unexpected facial expressions, including his exaggerated mouth movements. Body language experts say he uses his mouth this way because he is trying to make people understand what he is trying to say.


Just like his hand gestures, he continually changes the shape of his mouth to bring attention to himself and the message he is delivering. Some might say these weird movements are more distracting because he is so animated when he speaks.

1.  Trump’s Confusing Mixed Messages:

One minute Donald Trump is smiling and speaking to the crowd in a friendly outgoing way. The next minute he is protruding his chin, squinting his eyes and is shouting anger in his words. Then, his pose becomes almost submissive and childlike.


The many mixed messages and body language styles of the 45th president of the United States will continue to be studied and analyzed for years to come.

Blow the trumpets for good old Trumpster. This man is going to be remembered for much more than what he accomplished in the Oval Office. He’ll go down in history as one of the most animated presidents of all time.

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