Heather Locklear’s A Hot Mess. What’s Next For The Fallen Super Star?

Back in the 80’s Heather Locklear was beautiful, talented and a big, big star. She rolled onto the hit show, Dynasty and captured the hearts of America’s nighttime soap opera watching fans.

She would later enjoy career success on Melrose Place, Spin City, and T.J. Hooker. Not bad for a little Tom Boy from California.

Fast forward a few decades, and a few dozen lackluster movies later and Heather Locklear could be called a hot mess. It’s too bad, too.

Rumors have it that addiction and mental issues are playing a real-life role in her fall from Hollywood grace.

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But what’s next for this 56-year-old fallen superstar? Will she fight the demons and return even better than before?

Heather Gets Arrested for Chugging Tequila: 

Wait one hot New York minute! She’s no bigger than a minute so what’s she doing chugging a whole bottle of anything, let alone the Big T! Well she did, then jumped into her Porsche, crashed into her California mansion.

Wait…it get’s better. She beats up on the police officers when they arrive on the scene. Now that had to be just like a made for a movie scene from T.J Hooker! 

Heather Overdoses and Checks Out:

Duh! Everyone knows that you don’t mix alcohol and drugs, right? Wrong! After the police drop the assault charges, they release her drunk ass.

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Especially thankful for you

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That same night she ends up at the emergency room for a pill overdose. After evaluation, the super smart medical doctors come to the conclusion that on top of her addiction issues, she has some emotional probs too.

Again, Duh! Time to dry out, sweetie!

Heather Checks Herself Into Rehab…Again: 

 Thankfully, Heather checks into a long term rehab facility to get the overdue help she needs.

Heather Locklear arrested

Rumor has it this latest episode hasn’t been an isolated incident. Her run-ins with the law are as long as her pretty little arm.

Incidents include running her Porsche into a ditch, checking in and out of rehab, telling off the authorities and beating up her significant others. Her family, including daughter Ava Sambora, thank goodness is on her side and want her to deal with her inner demons.


Hopefully, this latest episode of Heather Gone Wrong is her rock bottom and the only way to go now is up. Tune in.