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Eat These Five Foods to Rev Your Metabolism

1. Set fat on fire with your morning joe

Coffee makes you feel like a champion in the morning, and it also helps you burn away stubborn fat. The benefits are twofold: Coffee contains unique compounds that charge your metabolism, and the energy boost that you get from the caffeine makes you likely to increase your activity level without even trying.


2. Slim down with shrimp and scallops

Protein-rich seafood puts your body to work! Shrimp, salmon, scallops — these delicious foods take a long time to digest and require a large amount of energy to break down. This process causes your body to burn calories while pulling the protein and nutrients from your food.

3. Torch your mouth and your calories

Yes, chili peppers can make you sweat, and they can help you burn fat at the same time. The chemical responsible for this effect is called capsaicin. People who consume this compound tend to burn up to 50 more calories per day. Eating spicy foods may also cause you to slow down when you eat, improving your digestion and helping you to realize when you’re full before you overeat.

4. Need to get bikini ready? Load up on coconut oil

Coconut oil is the new cool kid on the block — it’s everywhere. Many of coconut oil’s healthy properties come from its MCT oil. This oil is easily absorbed by the body and is unlikely to be stored as fat. While some scientists debate coconut oil’s ability to increase metabolism, the vast majority agree that it has awesome health benefits.

5. Get Zen, get skinny

From boosting energy to increasing fat burn, green tea is a miracle worker. It gives you all the energy-increasing effects of coffee without the nasty breath or the stained teeth.

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