Choosing the Right Cologne for Your Man

Getting your men  a gift can be stressful. A guy’s cologne says a lot about who he is and what he likes, but finding the perfect one is easier said than done . Right now is one of the best time to grab your favorite or try something new. It’s Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale featuring some of the hottest summer fragrances and products that are priced just right.

1.  Lather Up and Soften Up:

 Kieh’ls Grooming Solutions Bar Soap is perfect for the guy on the go who doesn’t wear cologne.

This is no ordinary bar of soap. It’s a good smelling, deep cleansing, rich lathering exfoliating formula that leaves your manly man skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. The scent is infused with a light woodsy blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, and eucalyptus to keep you smelling sweet and feeling fresh all day long.

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2.  Liberate With A Classic:

Bleu De Chanel will help you stand out in a crowd.

This sensual scent features a masculine woodsy scent with hints of irresistible citrus notes. It’s the perfect summer blend that will instantly turn into your forever signature scent.

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3.  It’s All In The Bag:

  Spicebomb Eau de Toilette Set is an extremely understated cologne that some describe like a cocktail of aromatic goodness.

Spicy notes, masculine scents, and splashes of citrus combine to create a sensual cologne for the powerful man. It’s all in a special bag, too, so keep your Spicebomb with you at home or wherever you roam.

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4. Buy Two: Keep One, Gift One:

Luna Rossa knows a thing or three about men’s cologne and this three-piece set features Prada’s Luna Rossa Carbon.

Guys and gals alike adore how the scent energizes and calms at the same time. Enjoy notes of patchouli and dry amber as well as lavender and citrusy bergamot. This beautifully packaged set is presented in a gift box so buy two; one for you and the other for a special friend.

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