Boy, Oh Boy! David and Victoria Beckham’s Boys Have Style!

Both David and Victoria Beckham are gorgeous, talented and stylish. So what happens when these two beautiful Brits have children? You get gorgeous, athletic, talented and stylish mini brits. And they have made four to be exact, three boys and a lovely little girl.  It’s almost like fate threw these two together so they could add more beauty to this earth. It pays to have celebrity parents, too. Their three hunky Beckham boys are making some big Beckham bank!

Stylish, Handsome Son #1:  Brooklyn is the name of the Beckhams‘ first child and is a chip off the old English block. His fine, fine features landed him some very impressive modeling gigs. His first was a 2014 cover shot for Man About Town. He looks just fine in front of the camera but feels right at home behind the lens, too. His photography book, What I See is a hot seller on the market. We hope to see more and more of you, Brooklyn Beckham!


Be Still My Heart, Son #2:  Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou second son, Romeo? Two times a charm for the Beckham power couple. Son #2 is just as good-looking, dapper and talented as #1 Brooklyn. He’s breaking hearts all over the world by modeling, dancing and kicking the soccer ball around. Take that to the Beckham bank and smoke it!

Cruzin” Into the Fame, Son #3:  Three times a charm for Beckham son #3 who is cruising into stardom just like the entire Beckham tribe. Cruz, who is the youngest son is no stranger to the spotlight. He’s famous on social media and Sound Cloud for his Justin Bieber like singing and dancing moves. Oh, and did we mention he can he’s got some hot game on the skateboard, too. This rising star is only 11 so we’ll keep an eye on this adorable guy who is “cruisin‘” into worldwide fame and fortune.