If You Have Any Of These 70 Toys Around, You Just Became Rich


It’s time to clean out your closets, check your attics and sort through the garage. Some of your old favorite toys that you haven’t thought about in a long time might play a role in filling your wallet. This is a toy story worth reading. Here are some of the most valuable toys to dust off and sell.

1. Vintage Barbie

The one and the only Barbie is an American icon. Before Barbie was introduced, the toy market only had baby dolls, so this curvy, beautiful woman figurine changed the toy landscape and opened the door to little girls dreaming about future careers. Barbie, like many career-driven hack women, has outlasted the test of time, representing more than 180 different careers, selling more than 350,000 the first year on the market and more than one billion sold to date.


Since her debut back in 1959, she is beloved in the hearts, homes and toy collections worldwide. But it is the original Barbie sporting a black and white zebra printed one-piece bathing suit that is worth thousands to the right collector. A first edition 1959 Barbie that is in excellent condition can sell for as much as $23,000. Pretty awesome considering she probably sold for three bucks.

2.  My Little Pony

My Little Pony Collectors don’t horse around when it comes to adding the originals to their valuable collections. Some are worth more than others including Mail Order ponies that are extremely rare. The value varies based on the availability of each pony but check this out.


The beloved My Little Pony line that features colorful bodies, big adorable eyes and special markings on each side was almost left in the stall because it didn’t do enough, according to the head honchos at Hasbro. It took a while to go from an unknown new toy to a phenomenon that is still beloved by children of the 90’s. Although your.  My Little Pony doll might be tough to part with; it might be worth hundreds, even thousands. Rapunzel Mail Order Pony can go for as much as $900

3. Furby

After the 1998 fantastic Furby frenzy when everyone and their brother wanted one of the little robotic creatures had ended, Furby’s retained their value. Furbys are furry, big-eyed, cute, but creepy talking toys that were all the rage in the late 1990s. The original price was approximately $35 and now are selling to collectors on eBay and other sites for more than $400 bucks!


If you are lucky enough to have the rarer than rare Springtime Furby or Graduation Furby, the Singing Elvis Furby the odds are they will be worth even more. Furby fanatics can even access a “Furby Value Guide” website to see how much their good old big-eyed friend is worth today including what condition it is in! Missing eyelashes, there’s a value for that! Matted fur? There’s a value for that, too.

4.  Lite Brite

Introduced by Hasbro in 1967, this first of its kind light-up picture designer kept kids entertained for hours. Simply a lightbox with small colored plastic pegs, Lite Brites sold for  $6.95. Today collectors light up for an original boxed Lite Brite for $250 or more.


Kids of the ’60s adored Lite Brite for its colorful artistic simplicity. Today, the Lite Brite brings back memories of a kinder time when families enjoyed being home and playing together. It was a simple but genius concept. Put colorful pegs into a design, like the famous clown on the box, that light up. That’s it! That is why everyone, including and especially collectors love this toy to this day, and some will pay a pretty price for one that is boxed, includes all the pieces and still works.

5.  Pokemon Cards

Why Pokemon, one might ask? Why not! Pokemon is a cartoon turned collectible card game that originated in Japan and became a phenomenon in America. Each one colorful described a different Pokemon cartoon character and explained their unique abilities. Kids loved to collect, trade and share the hundreds of cards that had sentimental meaning to them


Today, collectors are paying big bucks to complete their collections, some very rare cards selling for thousands of dollars. Now collectors go on a different type of adventure and buy and sell the cards for fun and money! For example. The first series, Pikachu Illustrator Card, is worth $100,000 to the right buyer.

6.  Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

It was a marketing study for all the time. The company creating these unique for the time doll babies made owning one an experience. No two dolls were the same; they all arrived with a birth certificate that the new parent sent back to the company for an official validation adoption certificate. During the 1980s every little girl wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll complete with a birth certificate.


It was genius, and the adage of supply and demand took over Christmas 1983. There weren’t enough dolls to go around. That’s all changed today, but collectors of the beloved dolls are seeking out to adopt them differently…on eBay and other secondary market sites. Now, the riots have died down, but the price of some original dolls has increased to thousands of dollars.

7.  Monopoly

The board game Monopoly has a long, long history and plays a very important part in American history. At the heart of the game is capitalism, the heart of the American economy. Why oh why do we love to get rich and watch our opponents get poorer? It’s hard to say, but collectors still love everything there is to love and hate about this classic Parker Brother’s winner that still resonates in our hearts and toy boxes of today, especially if you own one of the vintage editions.


The iconic board game, Monopoly was initially hand-drawn and painted in 1933. It sold for $146,500 at an auction. There have been many versions of the game complete with Monopoly Money, playing cards and famous game pieces. Other vintage versions have also sold for up to $6,000.

8.  Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars fans love collectible figurines just about as much as the movie that broke the Hollywood mold back in the 1970s and continues to amaze and entertain collectors of all ages. But it is the merchandising that catapulted the movie into hyperdrive has mesmerized collectors for more than 30 years and will continue in the future. It’s those who own the cherished Star Wars action figures that will continue to share the story that started, ” a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”


Star Wars fans love everything Star Wars. We’re talking toys too. Today a set of the 1977 nine action figures including C3PO, Han Solo, Princess Leah and the rest of the original cast can go for $2,000.

9. Webkinz

Webkinz were a collection of stuffed animals whose collars included a secret code that when entered onto their website, they came to life. Parents and children alike loved to collect these cute creatures and virtually create a world for them online. Webkinz was released back in 2005, so it hasn’t been that long for them to grow into the height of demand.


Most of them sold for under $10 each and now, some of the first and most rare that include the tags are worth hundreds of dollars. So the Webkinz era in the collectible world will continue, and little stuffed animals that represent a “simpler time” in many’s memories will hold value in more ways than one.

10. Beanie Babies

Soft, colorful Beanie Babies were irresistible collectibles introduced by the Ty Company. Most of them are not worth anything, but some might be worth more than their weight in gold. If you happen to have the first edition, Princess Diana baby, hold on to your toy box! This baby is worth $507,000. Now that’s a toy fit for a princess!


Even though there are thousands and thousands out there in the big full Beanie Babies collectible world, there is still a value that pulls at the heartstrings of those who remember the fun they had adding to their collections and continue doing so even today.

11. Tamagotchi Pets

Tamagotchi Pets were little pocket-sized, battery-operated virtual gadgets designed to keep kids, occupied. They were marketed as a tiny pet from cyberspace that needed constant care. If it weren’t cared for properly, it would die and no longer work. When these little handheld tech toys were introduced back in 1997, it became an overnight sensation that sold more than 82 million pet throughout 2017. As a matter of nostalgia, that equates to 15 Tamagothchis sold every second in North America.


Collectors and throwback wannabes of the 90’s seek out these little cyberspace inspired techies to add to their toys of yesteryear collections. Back in 1996, they were priced at a few bucks, but today, an unopened one in the original packaging will sell for $4,000! That’s worth keeping alive.

12. Polly Pocket

This miniature pretty in pink doll collection was found in the pockets and toy boxes of little girls everywhere. It was a sensation that took America by storm and now one that doll collectors consider big treasure troves.


These cute miniature collections included a little doll named Polly, and a small kit that would fit right into your pocket. Today, original sets are being “pocketed” by collectors for $450 or more.

13. Vintage Baseball Cards

Take Me Out To The Ball Game! Baseball is as American as Apple Pie and the Red, White, and Blue. Baseball players, especially those of many years past, were honored on a card that became collectible and cherished.


If your family has some old baseball fans in the house who used to collect baseball cards, maybe it’s time to see if you have the 1952 Topp’s, Mickey Mantle card laying around.. This one very expensive card sold for $525,000 to a collector. Now that’s a home run!

14. Garbage Pail Kids

No one will understand the popularity of Garbage Pail Kids except those with a dark side who love potty humor and pushing the limits of good, clean fun. This collectible card collection, called Garbage Pail Kids seemed to be in rebellion to the cuteness of Cabbage Patch Dolls.


The cards featured disgusting cartoons that kids loved as much as the teachers hated, were banned from many schools. The Adam Bomb card sells today for as much as $4,000.

15. Moon Shoes

Back in the day when astronauts were superstars and space travel was in the headlines every day, little kids dreamed of walking on the gravity-free moon.

Jon Lebkowsky/Flickr

Back in the 1950s when traveling to the moon was on the horizon, Moon Shoes, toys you attached to your shoes so you could bounce around were all the rage.. Today, a pair of Moon Shoes go for an out of this world, $200 bucks.

16. 1938 Action Comics

Kids of the 30’s treasured their comic books that took them on adventures with their favorite superheroes like Superman. This first-ever comic book is referred to as the beginning of the superhero genre that we still enjoy today.


Who wants to be a millionaire? You can if you own a June 1938 Action Comic book featuring for the first time, everyone’s hero, Superman! The comic book sold for $.99 in 1938 and now is worth $3.2 million if you dare to part with it.

17.Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is a tradition, almost a rite of passage for little boys and girls alike and is still popular today, but it’s the first model that collectors are racing to.  Hot Wheels collectible cars have gone down in history as one of the most popular toys. There were introduced in 19 and are still in every child’s toy box.


Some of the originals including the 1968 Cheetah Base Python and the 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger which is valued at thousands of dollars but it’s the 1969 pink VW beach wagon that is the leader of the pack. It sold for a turbocharged $74,000.

18. Viewmaster

Some consider it a preview to virtual reality, some an educational toy, others an entertaining toy. It was introduced at the World’s Fair and was an instant hit.


But one thing is for sure. It is part of American popular culture. Back in 1939, everyone loved the Viewmaster, binoculars looking toy that kids could view different slide shows through. Today a vintage Viewmaster and slides are worth hundreds of dollars.

19. American Girl Dolls

American Dolls celebrate the beauty, intelligence, creativity, and diversity of girls throughout the world. Young girls couldn’t wait until a doll was introduced that “looked just like me.” American Girl Dolls hit the scene and after a while is discontinued. This makes them very valuable to collectors.


Dolls like Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington, Felicity Merriman and Kanani Akina are a few friends who are worth a pretty penny to collectors… up to $5,000 each.

20. Harry Potter Original Book

Toys and dolls aren’t the only thing that is worth big bucks to collectors. Books, especially originals signed by the author, increase in value every day.


Before the amusement park, before the movie, even before the Harry Potter ultra wizard universe that hit readers by storm, there was the first, the original book that started it all. The original Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is worth $6,500, and if it is signed by the author, J.K. Rowing, it is worth a wicked $15,000 to a muggle collector.

21.  G.I. Joe

The ultimate war hero celebrated our servicemen, many who paid the ultimate price, so America paid tribute to all servicemen serving our country with an action figure. G.I. Joe was an instant hit. This popular action figure was introduced by Hasbro in 1964 during a time when our soldiers needed more support than ever.


In 2003, when our soldiers needed more support than ever,  the prototype of the original action figure sold for $200,000 during a special auction.

22. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

McDonald’s Golden Arches are an icon of American fast food, and so are the colorful boxes filled with tasty food and a carefully packaged toy, called a Happy Meal. McDonald’s is known for the Big Mac, Ronald McDonald, and some of the best fast food out there. But it’s their Happy Meal toys that are going for big Mcbucks.


They might be free, but if you have an oldie but goodie they are very valuable. Some Happy Meal toys sell for more than $100. One that goes for even more is the McFurby toy collection. They can sell for as much as $900 to collectors.

23.  Toy Story Collection

“You’ve got a friend in me” are the lyrics from the classic movie, Toy Story where some of America’s favorite toys come to life, celebrate friendship and go on fantastic adventures together.


Toy Story is a movie that has taken on a life of its own and created celebrities out of toys!. The prices for Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and all the gang have gone straight to “infinity and beyond!” These collectibles have sold for more than $500 each!

24.  Pez Dispensers

Nostalgia and Pez Dispensers go hand in hand, literally and can be considered the ultimate collector’s sweet dream. Pez Dispensers are cute and clever candy dispensers that have been around for years and years and are loved by collectors.


Some Pez worth nothing but the candy the give out, but others are worth their weight in a lot of gold.. One Pez Dispenser known as Astronaut B, introduced at the 1982 World’s Fair, sold on eBay for $32,000!

25. Dear Diary

The electronic diary provided kids a place to store their thoughts away from the prying eyes of adults. Tiger Electronics released Dear Diary in the 1990s which became an instant hit. Dear Diary could only be opened with a secret code.


The handheld device made kids feel so much cooler than using a notebook. These electronic secret keepers going for a couple hundred in some cases

26.   Easy Bake Oven

This clever culinary idea for the time was inspired by street vendors that warmed their fare with heat omitted from lamps. Kenner Toy Company transformed the idea into an entertaining toy of sorts that has gone down in history as one of the most popular toys.


Children slid pans through a slot into a heating chamber of their Easy Bake Oven and watched through a tiny window as their recipes baked right before their eyes. After it cooled, they could enjoy the baked goods of their very easy labor. Yes, the Easy-Bake Oven was targeted to girls back in 1963, but today, when cooking is cool for both boys and girls, you can still snag a vintage Easy-Bake Oven for a mere $300.

27. Lionel’s Pennsylvania Set

Lionel’s nostalgic electric train sets evoke a bygone era and are now made with 21st-century technology, but if you find an original set – it could be worth hundreds. These sets date back to 1934, with history being very kind to the value of these items.


Let’s hope he kept all these pieces. These train sets can rack up a huge $250,000! That’s enough to buy a house in some states – so get going and see what you can find.

28. Jurassic Park Action Figures

Jurassic Park was a toy collector’s dream. As well as toys, there were merchandise, hats, t-shirts, mugs, and action figures. Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film had a lot of merchandise to prove it.


If you found on to the original ’90s action figures and kept them in good condition, they can be worth thousands of dollars each these days. T-Rex is one of the most sought after this one is listed at $2,800.

29. Vintage Super Soaker Water Guns

This toy water gun operates using manually pressurized air to shoot water at your friends, mom, dad, neighbor, etc. It was the joy of many little kids, especially during summertime, much to the annoyance of many parents. Its popularity generated more than $1 billion in total sales.

Models like this one from the 1990s start around $129 and can go for as much as $500.

30. Stamps

A select number of rare stamps from the ’90s get traded for (relatively) high prices among collectors. A 1997 sheet of Bugs Bunny stamps, for instance, sold for $90 in May 2016. A set of 1992 Junior Duck Stamps recently sold for a whopping $995.


According to eBay, an uninverted Jenny Error Stamp Sheet sold for $83,000! There are fun stories of other collections – one couple bought a nice-looking stamp for 10 cents and resold it years later for $200!

31. Skip-It

It was the infamous 1990s Skip-It commercial filmed at Ravinia elementary school in Highland Park, Illinois that helped make this toy a success. The advertisement played during children’s programming. Kids had to have it when they saw that apparatus swinging around other kids’ ankles.

Saskatoon Public Library/Wikimedia Commons

Skip-Its are still available for sale, but definitely lost a bit of its cool factor with children today (iPads are the new hip thing). However, collectors might buy your old Skip-It for $120 on eBay. It might have to be in the original packaging, however!

32. Boba Fett Action Figure

This vintage Star Wars merchandise will command some of the highest prices in the galaxy. A crazy rare Boba Fett Star Wars action figure is currently on sale for $365,000 plus tax. There are only 3 of these Boba Fett action figure prototypes known to exist out in the world.


Bounty hunter Boba Fett is among the most popular action figure from the films, with mint-condition, in-box versions being sold for as much as $32,000.

33. Nintendo Game Boy

Some say the Game Boy is the granddaddy of handheld video games. These portable games were released back in 1989 and featured hours and hours of personal entertainment fun.


The Game Boy can be considered as one of the most popular toys of the 1990s. Vintage Game Boys that are in tip-top shape are cashing in the big among collectors. Some are selling for an impressive $1,500 on auction sites like eBay.

34. Eternia Playset

Many people will remember He-Man – the popular comic book character who was made a television star in the 1980s. Once he became the go-to show, naturally kids wanted merchandise.


Described by one eBay seller as the “Holy Grail” of Masters of the Universe toys, this battleground where your He-Man and Skeletor action figures might have fought now fetches about $1,600.

35. Rainbow Brite Doll

Average Original Price: $7
Potential Earnings: $100

The Rainbow Brite Doll was the competition and answer to Strawberry Shortcake in the 1980s. They would be released later, but are more than what these are. Still, the original is able to gain you close to a hundred bucks.


You may find the bids on eBay to be rather high for these dolls. You may want to check out the attic to see if you still have these around.

36. Sky Dancer

Average Original Price: $9.99
Potential Earnings: $80

This toy is a dangerous one on the list here and it was brought about with Anthony and John Gentile who are twins behind the idea. They were able to get an aviation expert to help them get these dolls out that would go flying in the sky at the pull of a string. Most toy producers rejected thee toys but were disappointed when they soared in popularity.

These toys were recalled because siblings started using these to shoot each other with the toys.

37. Atari 2600 Games

Space Invaders was one of the games played on the Atari 2600 that now is considered a dinosaur in the gaming industry but collectors love it. Way back before the popularity of X Box and all the online games of today’s digital world, there was Atari 2600 that led the way.


The most valuable one is Air Raid that has sold for as much as $13,500 out of the box, but if it is unused and still in the box, it can go for an incredible $33,000! Game on! Game, way, way on!

38. Socker Boppers

Average Original Price: $10
Potential Earnings: $90
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These toys were a great way for you to get your kids to keep their anger issues down by hitting each other. The blow-up gloves were great and allowed for boxing, but had very little chance for injury.


These gloves are considered vintage and sell for around 90 dollars, but with the fact that there are not, many physical types of toys left they work great and could keep the kids away from the Internet.

39. Glitter and Gold Jem Doll

Average Original Price: $3
Potential Earnings: $200

These characters started to get gain popularity after the television show started to come up. The show was not really that long-lived, but it still gained a lot of shopping draw.

Flickr – alexbabs

Now, these toys go for around 200 bucks on eBay. You want to make sure they are in good condition and if possible in their original case to get the most money.

40. Fisher-Price Little People Family House

Average Original Price: $40
Potential Earnings: $200

The little house is one that a lot of people bought for their kids but never thought about future value.


Some of the reports from eBay are showing these houses can catch up to 200 dollars if they are in good shape. It has two colors that were original to the product, but the yellow one is a lot better.

41. Spice Girls Doll Collection

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $225

The Spice Girls used to be one of the biggest girl bands in the world and they even had the dolls to go with it. You will notice that you have all the girls here.


What is even more impressive is this is a set that has increased in value. Some of the dolls are coming in at over a hundred bucks each set. Just think if you have the entire set of dolls and that will give you a good idea of how much you have in the value of the dolls.

42. The Real Ghostbusters

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $900

The Ghostbusters are a toy that came to the scene after the movie and now they are one that can really give you a nice payday. You will find that the action figures are able to fetch almost 900 dollars.


Now, the Ghostbuster films are still a great series to watch and had a release in 2016 even. Now, the gender reversal that happened in the reboot did not go over big, but it brought the original movies are still doing great. What better way to get more toys thought?

43. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Average Original Price: $6
Potential Earnings: $1,000

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles screamed onto the scene in the late 1980s. If you had these toys back then, they are definitely going to be growing in value as the ones that are on eBay can fetch over a thousand dollars now.


In bad condition, the turtles still pack some turtle power as they go for 200 bucks apiece. You do not even need to have them in good shape to get that price.

44. Boy Scouts Memorabilia

Average Original Price: Free (hard work)
Potential Earnings: $240

The medals that you earned when you were working hard to get your badges may start to pay off as the badges tend to be a trip down memory lane for a lot of people.


The price can start at 240 dollars depending on which badge it is you earned that day. If you were really good as a boy scout you could be in for quite the surprise.

45. Barbie Golden Dream Motorhome

Average Original Price: $45
Potential Earnings: $325

You may find that taking Barbie camping is going to pay off quite a bit more now that you are going to sell the motorhome. The Golden Dream motorhome can go over just over three hundred dollars on the market now.


You may want to check out eBay to see how much the reward can be and what the collection is fetching. Some go for thousands!

46. Tickle Me Elmo Extreme

Average Original Price: $10
Potential Earnings: $350

If you are old enough you remember the craze that hit when the Tickle Me Elmo doll first hit the market and the lack of supply that was present.


Now, the investment is starting to pay off big time. These dolls, which cost only 10 bucks at first, are now going to the eBay market and fetching around 350 bucks. You may start to laugh when you look at the market that you can sell your toys for.

47. Vintage Lunch Boxes

Average Original Price: $2
Potential Earnings: $400

The lunch box is a staple of how kids used to live life when they had to bring their lunches to school all the time. Now, the tin made versions are what everyone would think about when they start to think about vintage lunch boxes.


Now, these are very expensive and worth quite a bit of money. The classics tend to be worth quite a bit more than what the non-classics are, but that is the way the lunch goes. What else impacts the value is the design that is on the box. Which one of these do you own?

48. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $550

This doll with her shocking red hair that looks like a strawberry almost came to the market in 1979. Muriel Fahrion, the creator, probably never thought that the doll and girl would become so popular that it would have shows, movies, and even merchandise coming out about it.


Now, the vintage dolls are going up for over 500 bucks apiece. You can find the minor characters and additions can fetch the same amount, but only if they are in the original packaging. Do you still have one of the original dolls?

49. Power Rangers

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $1,400

If you were around in the 1990s when the show came out you had your favorite Power Ranger. The franchise grew in value and by 1994 the toys had grown to the value of 350 million dollars in toys and various merchandise. In 1998, the franchise was still growing and is worth a ton of money today.

William Tung/Flickr

The Lost Galaxy Deluxe Megazord toy is one that sold for 1,400 dollars on eBay. The downside is the recent reboot in 2017 fell flat.

50. Nerf Turbo Screamer

Average Original Price: $12
Potential Earnings: $100

This is the famous football that would whistle when it was thrown. These can be hard to find today and often when they are found people are willing to spend a fortune for them. You can see some of the bids for this toy reaching up to the hundred dollar mark.


Often this toy is being used for the kids that are not kids anymore as the kids today are more interested in their video games.

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51. Teddy Ruxpin

Average Original Price: $160
Potential Earnings: $1,640

The bear that would play the pre-recorded messages hit the market in 1985. This is a bear that would allow the kids to go to sleep in a different room from the parents while the bear gently lulled them to sleep.


However, the bear would be short-lived as it lasted only until 1987 before being pulled off the shelves. They were brought back in 2017, but the original is still the valuable bear to get.

52. Pound Puppies

Average Original Price: $30
Potential Earnings: $5,000

Pound Puppies were the newest and best plush type of toy in the 1980s. In just a 3 year period the toys made the company over 300 million dollars in sales but also had a television show that would run for 2 years.


Now, the Pound Puppies are worth quite a bit of money. If you have the original packaging and the toy itself you are going to be looking at cashing in on the paws of the puppy as they are netting people over 5,000 bucks.

53. Raiders of the Lost Ark Well of Souls

Average Original Price: $50
Potential Earnings: $2,000

If you were around in the 1980s the chances were good that you were a fan of Indiana Jones. He would find the heart of millions of kids and even inspired some television hosts now to become the modern-day archaeologist.


This toy here could make you a fortune, though, in the sale of it. The toy was released two years after the namesake movie, but it is now selling for 2,000 bucks if not more. If you do not have the toy, you do not have to worry there are more movies coming in the series.

54. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Average Original Price: $8-10
Potential Earnings: $1,450

This was never as popular as the Pokemon series, but it did become a hit over time. The booster boxes, if they are in the first edition definitely grew in value as they are going over 1,400 dollars on eBay.


This is not that bad, but compared to other card-based games is horrible, but still not bad if you were only into Yu-Gi-Oh for a little bit. Do you still have any of these cards at your house?

55. Playmobil

Average Original Price: $18-26
Potential Earnings: $2,000-$2,322

These toys started in the 1990s and started to get a cult type of following. The toys were not really played with worthy, but they are ones that have gained a big following still today for more than 2,000 dollars.

Playmobil, first series(1974). firstversions com

You can sell any of them online, but if you have the entire collection and the original package you are set for a fortune in money.

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56. LEGO Trains

Average Original Price: $159
Potential Earnings: $1,500-$3,000

The LEGO toys are ones that have spanned several generations and are popular still today. Now, the toys are starting to grow their own movie line and new toys coming out.


If you are able to find the original train release fro the 1980’s then you could have a golden toy that you could sell as the vintage LEGO toys have grown in popularity and have not slowed down in their growth at all.

57. Fisher-Price’s Push Cart Pete

Average Original Price: $0.50
Potential Earnings: $3,000

The Push Cart Pete toy is going to be hard to find and may require you to raid your parents or grandparents toys as this is from 1936, but is worth thousands.


The toy is one that has captured a lot of people’s attention over the years and it is one that is not as interesting to play with, but it does have the toy collectors drooling. You just want to make sure you check all the different spots for these toys.

58. Vinyl Caped Jawa

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $5,000

This is one of these toys that is smaller and easy to lose. If they are still in good condition with the vinyl cape from the movies then you could be looking at 5000 dollars.


If the toy is from the generation of these after 1978 the cape is made in cloth. So these toys are still valuable, but it will not be as valuable and that could lead to you having some disappointment in what you are getting.

59. Thundercats Thunderwings Lion-O Action Figure

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $7,000

Thundercats was a very popular television show from 1985 to 1988 and this led to the action figures being all over the place. Kids all over the place had these toys and were playing with them in all aspects of their yard.


Now, the toys are still able to bring in a lot of money in fact with the original packaging you are looking at 7000 dollars or more. You just want to check all the corners of the closet to see if you have one of these in the box and then enjoy your trip to Europe.

60. Vintage Care Bear Dolls

Average Original Price: $2
Potential Earnings: $7,500

The Care Bears are ones that you are sure to love as they are unique to the owner and the patterns on their bellies are completely different from each other. These are one toy that you would have a hard time missing if you looked around the bedroom of a kid in the 1980’s.


Just one of these can fetch a value of almost 7,500 dollars on the market if it is the right one in the package. Now, that price is each so make sure you check out the closet today to find the toys.

61. Transformers Action Figures

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $2,000

Thee toys have started to come back into the mainstream culture today and that is thanks to Michael Bay bringing out the new movie series. Since the early 2000s, you can find over 58 films to watch and that has only helped the toys grow in value.


The toys are still being sold today, but the originals are where you are going to get the most money. Optimus Prime is one of the more popular vintage toys and fetches over 2,000 dollars.

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62. Magic: The Gathering Cards

Average Original Price: $4-8
Potential Earnings: $13,500

These cards started growing in the middle of the 1990s the game still has over 12 million players today.


The value of these cards depends on how rare the card is, but if you have a “Power 9” card you are going to have a rare card. Some of the Alpha editions of the cards with the Black Lotus card are going for over 13,500 bucks on eBay alone!.

63. Where The Wild Things Are

Average Original Price: $8.95
Potential Earnings: $25,000

This is the book that a lot of kids fell in love with and some of the editions that you are able to find on the market are going to be worth over 25 grand.


If you have the special edition from 1963 and have it signed, then you could find a book that is going to fetch you thousands. The books are still very popular and it is definitely one that you are going to fall in love with, but with Maurice Sendak’s signature, it helps the value grow even more. In the latest figures from 2013, the book had already scored 20 million copies.

64. Mego Elastic Batman

Average Original Price: $25
Potential Earnings: $15,000

Almost everyone loves a toy with a comic book tie in. When you look at the 1980s you do not have to look further than Elastic Man, which is why he was sold as Batman. Well, if you want that toy then you just have to look here.


The Batman Mego Elastic Doll came out right before the turn of the year in 1979 and it was a hit well into the 1980s. Now, you can sell Batman for almost 15 grand.

65. Beano Comics

Average Original Price: $0.20 (weekly)
Potential Earnings: $17,000

BEANO comics are a rare find, but they are a great treat to find. If you have one of the original ones in good condition you could be looking at a handsome payday of over 17 grand.


Now, BEANO is still growing in popularity everything from TV shows, comics, and clothing that is selling on record-setting numbers. You may want to start investing now in the originals as the value has only gone up.

66. Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $25,000

Now, before you get too excited, you need to realize you have the right Skywalker doll to get the money. There was a limited edition release of the figure in 1978 and it has left the fans scrambling for years to get their hands on it.


Sotheby’s ended up selling one of the limited edition versions in 2015 for an amazing 25,000 bucks. Tomoaki Nagao of The Bathing Ape clothing line fame was the former owner of this amazing toy. Did you know some of the other Star Wars toys are very popular and worth money to?

67. Spider-Man Comic Books

Average Original Price: $0.12
Potential Earnings: $47,800

The superhero films have helped to grow the popularity of the comic books they are based on and that stems back to the original material and comic books as well. The older editions of the Spider-Man comics are selling for thousands of dollars, depending on what the story was at the time.


The original appearance of Spider-Man was not even in his original named comic book. The edition of the comic books that had Spider-Man show up for the first time is fetching over a million dollars depending on the condition.

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68. Vintage Colorforms

These are toys that allowed you to peel and stick shapes to different things to anything that you wanted for the most part but also were made from vinyl for durability. These came out mainly in geometric shapes but came out in 1951. These were eventually moved to the popular things of the day from movie characters, shows, and the movies themselves.


The vintage sets are definitely worth quite a bit of money as they go for 250 to 300 dollars, but they have specialty kids that were released a well and they have been known in their sealed boxes to get around 400 bucks on eBay. That is definitely not chump change anymore.

69. Air Jordans

The Air Jordan shoes were extremely popular and one that every boy had to get if they wanted to be in the in-crowd at school. These are shoes that would often take on the life of being shown as a lifestyle choice and not just the shoes you would be wearing on your feet. The Air Jordans also gained popularity as well with the most expensive pair going for over a hundred grand. That specific pair was worn in the 1997 NBA Finals by Michael Jordan.


The Air Jordan 12 OVO is the most expensive pair of Air Jordans on the market. They are pretty much a copy of Drake’s shoes and have a completely white look with the gold on the side and top eyelets as well. The fan who got these shoes actually went out and sold them for over a hundred grand.

Toys were often the item that actually kept people entertained without the help of modern-day electronics. Now, the kids only play on their electronics, but some of the items are still sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust for people to love viewing.

You may be one of the lucky ones to still have some of these vintage toys already. The value of these toys is already soaring and they are only 30 years old in some cases, but the value is over a thousand bucks for some of them. Do you have any of these classics in your attic?