7 Smart Back To School Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Whether you are mourning or rejoicing back to school is back in our lives and our little darlings will be running after the school bus before we know it.  Everything from school supplies, backpacks, uniforms and more, this stressful time of the year can make a student’s and parent’s hair turn gray.

Well, not anymore. These 7 back to school hacks will have everyone going back to school in stress-free style.

1.  It’s A Flash….Card:

Study on the go, on the phone or anywhere you take your mobile device. Create flash cards that fit into or onto the back of your phone case.


That way they are portable and available wherever you go. Now that’s smart.

2.  Personalize Your Stuff In Style:

This hack will prevent your favorite pens and pencils from walking off.


Take some colorful washi tape and wrap it around your writing tool to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

3.  Amplify Your Wake Up Call:

Oversleeping can be a big prob when the school year rolls around.


f you use a mobile phone as an alarm, set it in a glass. When the alarm goes off, the sound will amplify waking you up every time right on time.

4.  Freshen Stinky Sneaks:


Ok this one is totally tea-riffic:  After gym class drop some dry tea bags in your stinky sneaks to keep your gym bag nice and fresh.

5.  A Good Reflection On You:

Forgetful? No more.


Use your very own mirror as a dry erase board. Write a to-do list, special deadline or motivational quote right on your mirror to get the day started on the right foot.

Love it!

6.  Locker Up!:

Never forget your locker combo again.


Record it on your phone. Either take a pic of it written on paper, audio it or video it. It’ll always be with you as long as you have your phone.

7.  School Emergency Kit:

You never know when a headache will hit, you might need a bandaid or even a breath mint.


Create a little emergency kit for your book bag complete with all the extra essentials so when an emergency happens you are as prepared as can be. Other essentials are gum, tissues, hair clip and wet wipes.