5-month-old About To Vsit All 50 US States

At five months old, most babies are making their first attempts at speech or learning to crawl.

However, Harper Yeats is closing in on becoming the youngest person to join the elusive All Fifty States Club.

According to CBS News, the infant’s parents, Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats, took a trip to the U.S. while on maternity leave shortly after Harper was born, visiting Maine in June. That’s when the family looked into an All Fifty States Club membership.

“We always wanted to visit all 50 states,” Cindy Lim told CBS News. “It was just our plan to do it together and have fun.”

Travelers are eligible to join the club as an associate member once they have visited at least 35 states. Little Harper has already scratched more than 40 states off of her bucket list and is on track to achieve the 50-state milestone when the family visits Vermont on October 18.

The family has been documenting Harper’s remarkable journey on Instagram, photographing the world’s most adorable seasoned traveler in front of state welcome signs and popular tourist attractions.