3 Incredible Gadgets You Should Buy This Year

These incredible gadgets are designed to make your life easier, more organized and even smarter. How about a device that will pick out your outfit each day, a game that improves math skills and a device that keeps all of your electronics charged up?

Dr. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, with DynaTAC prototype from 1973
/ wiki/Rico Shen

1. Hear An Echo?

We all know Amazon is taking over the world. Well, now they are taking over our closets.

Similar to the movie Clueless when debutant Cher asked her computer to design her outfit for the day, Amazon’s Echo Look does exactly this and much more.

For the not so fashion savvy woman, this is perfect!

Not only is it a hands-free camera to snap pics and inventories your threads, Echo Look will take photos of you wearing them so you can see exactly how you look from every angle. Then Echo Look will offer an opinion on what you are wearing and suggest other options.

It’s a fashion consultant and a closet organizer all in one Look.

2.  Threes! Do The Math:

This puzzle style app will test your math skills and test you again.

Here’s how it works. Slide colorful numbered blocks around on a virtual board and merge them together to create even larger numbers. The end result is to get the largest number combinations.

Sound easy? Not so fast.

The smaller numbers will get in your way and prevent you from combining the ones you need for the correct answer. Threes! is frustrating, challenging and worthwhile…in a calculating way.

3. Power Up:

And the survey says, Anker’s Power Port 4 is the best USB wall charger on the market. It’s faster and more powerful than other chargers out there and delivers exactly what it says it will. This baby can charge three full-size Apple iPads and a smartphone at the same time!  It’s recommended by the Wall Street Journal who referred to it as a “godsend.”